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Hello, I need a complete information about electric bikes that have 800 watts or up, I write from Chile, could send me prices? Thanks Sergio Botto
Categories: [battery box aaa] [acid battery 225ah]
Products:  Electric Bike with 48V/12 or 20Ah Lead-acid Battery, 48V/350 or 500W Motor, 40kph Maximum Speed

IP: 09:39:39

Hello Sir My name is SAMUEL LIM from AMLED solar Malaysia. We are interested to buy the above Battery. Please make contact . Thanks SAMUEL LIM
Categories: [mercury cadmium battery] [speedlite battery pack]
Products:  Silicon Battery (12V-150AH)

IP: 23:45:00

Dear Sirs, This is Santiago from Fujistu Ten España (Spain) I wouold like to get cuotation for a TK7v205 model battery charger (input 220VAC 50/60Hz, ...
Categories: [copper iron battery] [cheap gps battery]
Products:  TBL-350 series wave solder

IP: 15:11:56

Dear Sirs, This is Santiago from Fujitsu Ten España (Sapin) We are looking for a Taike Battery Charger, Model TK7v205 Input: 220VAC 50/60Hz Output: ...
Categories: [gp 23a battery] [12v battery connector]
Products:  TBL-350 series wave solder

IP: 20:09:28

This is Hamza kazan from Lebanon. I am looking for a a cargo electric tricycle, for an environmental friendly project. Please I need to get a detailed ...
Categories: [battery ag 18] [electronic battery isolators]
Products:  350kg Loading Cargo Electric Tricycle

IP: 21:14:27

I'm from Argentina and I have a scooter driver Chituma damaged. You can send me the circuit diagram printed to try to fix it because there is no ...
Categories: [150a battery isolator] [18650 battery dimensions]
Products:  Product Type: 250W Lithium Battery Intelligent Controller

IP: 23:29:14

Dear Sirs, With the best compliments, I have great pleasure to introduce ourselves as an active motorcycle manufacturer in our Iranian local market as ...
Categories: [steel foundry wuxi] [battery charger maintenance]
Products:  Brushless Electromotor Series

IP: 15:15:55

I am looking for a replacement battery for model HN-MSJ2405. Thank you!
Categories: [battery foot care] [notebook battery guangzhou]
Products:  Lawn mower Lawnmower

IP: 02:26:32

Sir / Madam, I am developing an electronic gadget. For that I am in need of an INCREMENTAL OPTICAL ENCODER. The spec. I require are as follows: 1. ...
Categories: [notebook battery um09h31] [camping lithium battery]
Products:  Encoder for Motor (HKT30)

IP: 00:54:55

Sir / Madam, I am developing an electronic gadget. For that I am in need of an INCREMENTAL OPTICAL ENCODER. The spec. I require are as follows: 1. ...
Categories: [thinkpad x200 battery] [camping plug battery]
Products:  Encoder for Motor (HKT56)

IP: 00:52:13

Hi, I have one of your battery packs/charger from (Wilderness Energy distributor, Sun Valley, CA). The first one I had didn't charge completely (~3/4 ...
Categories: [portable fan battery] [thinkpad x220 battery]
Products:  14.4V 10AH lithium battery pack

IP: 18:19:23

Thanks for check this message.I'm Mr Michael from shenzhen yiklik energy limited in china We are manufacturers of lithium batteries for E-bike.i think ...
Categories: [thinkpad t410 battery] [induction aa battery]
Products:  Electronic bike (MB-2)

IP: 11:24:28

Hi i am looking for a heater for my trail camera as soon as it hits -8c my camera shuts down and was wondering if you had something that would work i ...
Categories: [induction charger battery] [charging auto battery]
Products:  sofa fabric

IP: 02:20:03

Dear sir, Good Morning. Ashugonj Power Station Co.Ltd.(Govt.Organization) has invited an International Tender for (1)supply, Installation,Testing and ...
Categories: [wuxi holset turbo] [wuxi 3kw motor]
Products:  folding storage ottoman

IP: 11:59:52

Hello, I want to buy your product. Please get back to me with full details. Capt. Adam Weece
Categories: [euro home battery] [euro solar battery]
Products:  Alkaline Battery (LR6)

IP: 05:27:58

Please inform price and delivery of 30AH, 40AH, `4.4V battery pack
Categories: [nokia 2600c battery] [nokia 6030 battery]
Products:  14.4V 30AH lithium battery pack

IP: 03:23:50

please confirm price of 14.4V 10, 20, 30 and 40Ah Li battery packs
Categories: [nokia 3120 battery] [nokia 3300 battery]
Products:  14.4V 10AH lithium battery pack

IP: 02:21:51

Please confirm price weight, volume and delivery for this battery. Please also add information for 20, 30 and 40AH batteries
Categories: [nokia 3200 battery] [vehicle battery isolator]
Products:  14.4V 10AH lithium battery pack

IP: 21:39:07

DEAR FRIEND, We apologize for in convinces this may bring especially coming from complete strangers. However, it is an urgent call for assistance as ...
Categories: [nickel iron battery 100ah] [battery nickel hydride nimh]
Products:  Solar Battery LED Light String

IP: 19:55:12

Dear Sir, How are you ?Long time no see,Hope everything going great there.Please check our new inquriy and give us offer price. 1) BULB 24V - 18W ...
Categories: [for nokia 6500s battery] [solar kit camping battery]
Products:  Auto Bulb T15

IP: 17:24:15

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